Jan. 16th, 2011

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Guess I'll just have to read all 114 pages of the novel to date OUT LOUD, which will take three and a half hours and a very understanding and patient room-mate and about six glasses of water.

Honestly, I cannot overstate how helpful reading something aloud is. Especially dialog.

But my throat hurts.

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Killed a bunch of stuff, got injured by exploding acid hyenas, got healed and stuff.

Came home, more coffee, more writing, more editing.

Who wants chapter 1? I need someone to tell me what's missing. And where I do WAY too much expos.

Actually, I think chapters 1-5 are about ready for external eyes right about now.

Not the ending. Oh, Lord, not the ending. The ending suffers from a lot of "You wrote this part a long fucking time again and haven't edited up to it since, and holy shit have you improved as a writer, and you also don't smoke that much pot anymore." Gah. It felt really good reading everything up until that point, and then it was just cringe worthy. Holy shit.

Also, one more scarf almost done. I should take a few minutes to finish that.

The good news is, according to Javagoth, I did get the characterizations right, and they seem like solid, 3-D people. That's a relief.


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