Jan. 1st, 2011

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Then it's fun and games with an eye rolling around the floor!

So, we went to Loree's party, and saw Sistawendy and loads of other people. Then I packed up Ogre and Lukas and went to a party at the house of the some of the guys in bands we hang out with.

And... there was a drunken bottle rocket fight.

And... guess who has a burn up the back of his head.

Go on. Guess.

It could be worse. He could have been the guy who got one stuffed in his back jeans pocket. Rich is going to wake up wondering how the hell he got second degree burns on his ass.

We have photographic evidence on Facebook.

ETA: You can also see it here. http://www.geekgirlsrule.net/?p=1149
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I'm up, and as I was the designated D last night, no hangover for me.

Mr. Burny-Scalp says he's fine, but he also has yet to drag his sorry ass out of bed. He is going to be most distraught when he learns that hangovers do not get one excused from litterbox duties.

He's got gaming over at Chronivore's today. I'm torn between going to spectate and sitting home and catching up on my epic piles of knitting, and some writing.

Both parties last night were fun. Although Loree's resulted in significantly fewer injuries, so depending on who you talk to that, she wins or loses. Granted, they did manage to set Yos on fire last night, and Rich's ass, as well as Ogre's scalp. So, I don't know.

Here's hoping I manage to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and screw up the courage and wherewithal to do it. I really need to quit undervaluing my writing. I mean, Christ, almost every single one of the last dozen posts I've put up over at CA NOW has been picked up by BlogHer, I can't totally suck.

So here's to pulling my head out of my ass, monetizing and valuing my writing, and finding something I really want to do.

Skol! (Yeah, I know, I probably spelled it wrong.)
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"After all of this, I was probably the thinnest I’d been in years*, and exhausted. I couldn’t walk more than half a block without stopping to catch my breath. And people noticed the weight loss, but not the rest of it. I was repeatedly congratulated for effort and willpower, until one day I exploded all over someone at work:
“Oh, yes! It’s been great! Being unable or afraid to eat for months, losing my hair, not being able to do the grocery shopping without leaning on the cart to stay standing, and let me tell you about shitting my guts out several times a day. Yes, I am a veritable TOWER of willpower! The fact that I haven’t killed myself is the true victory. Fuck weight loss!”

Go check it out.


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