Feb. 24th, 2011


Feb. 24th, 2011 10:42 am
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Came in late, because our street was a sheet of ice, and we don't have sidewalks. We also don't have neighbors who drive well. So I decided to go back to bed and sleep in a bit.

Wearing my incredibly stylish leg warmers that I knitted for myself. I love them. They are sooooo warm. I am pleased.

Got my blood test results yesterday. Read them off to the Boy when I opened the letter:

"Low. Normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Low. Normal. Low. Normal. Low. Normal."
Boy: "I hate you and I'm spitefully eating this cookie at you, so you can't have it."
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Greetings to all the friends of Wayward Coffeehouse! We apologize for the lack of recent updates but have been hoping to be able to report more progress. We aim to keep flyin!

We have been focusing our efforts on finding a new location because of the refusal of the property owners to repair the building. But finding a location that will allow us to continue to provide all the unique offerings of Wayward Coffeehouse is not easy! The process is not going as quickly as we would like. As nothing is yet settled we can not reveal where we hope to be, but know that we are working hard to find a place to reopen.

As many of you have learned since the fire, there are significant legal matters which have been hampering our ability to reopen. Issues with the building which pre-date the fire were already the subject of litigation. We are aware that contrary to what we were told work has occurred at the property, however, we must pursue that issue through legal avenues. Although we have prevailed on important aspects, the legal system moves slowly and is a significant drain on our limited resources. It may be several more months before we can hope to see resolution or even additional progress with our struggle for justice on matters both pre- and post-fire.

But we believe in what we created with Wayward Coffeehouse and want fervently for it to continue. We have received your messages of support and encouragement and know that there is a need for Wayward Coffeehouse for the communities we embrace.

We have been humbled by the many donations to the “Wayward Phoenix Fund” and are immensely grateful for the support. The funds have helped us all to survive and has helped with the mounting legal fees we face as we seek justice. Wayward Phoenix Fund Donations (http://www.sbcharities.org/?page_id=16) and look for the Wayward logo to donate online or for information on donating by check.

All of us from Wayward Coffeehouse miss you greatly and we continue to work toward our reopening. It will take longer than any of us would like, but we are committed to rising from the ashes and once again being the coffee haven for all of you.

We aim to keep flyin’ ...

Wayward Coffeehouse, it's better than a plan
Closed Until Further Notice
Twitter: WaywardCoffee
Facebook: Wayward Coffee House

New GGR!

Feb. 24th, 2011 07:51 pm
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Review of Fail Better Games' Echo Bazaar game. Awesome browser-based, text-based MMO.


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