Feb. 19th, 2011

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Chance (NOT DJ Chance) was my friend Katt's brother, and someone I'd known through conventions and the SCA since I was 19. He was a crazy, redhead who wore a wrapped kilt and sash, and no shirt, mostly. He could find something beautiful about every woman, and had a way of making you feeling like the most desirable woman in the room, all without (as far as I know) ever stepping out on his wife.

I rarely saw him outside of cons or the SCA, but his cheerful presence was a constant in those venues, and I am very, very sad that he is gone. He will be missed.
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"This is the thing that drives me nuts about having these discussions on the internet. You post about Feminism, rape, abortion, or any issue relevant to women. The post generates HUGE comment threads, frequently populated by men telling you how you’re wrong and have no idea what life is like for women (even though you are one), but they do because they have a friend/sister/girlfriend. That you’re over-reacting, if all you little gals would just calm down and talk sweet-like maybe they’d throw you a bone (some of them mean this in all it’s innuendo-ish glory, some are blind to the pun)."

New GGR!

Feb. 19th, 2011 07:05 pm
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I'mma open a Geek Finishing School. I swear.



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