Feb. 5th, 2011

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This is a story about how sometimes the other members of my subcultures kind of ruin things for me, or almost.

Last night we got to Showbox SODO for the Motorhead show, immediately ran into some friends, and were primed for awesome. We go inside, and at the Merch table are... MOTORHEAD HOODIES!!! Zip front hoodies!! I have been searching for a new zip front hoodie for months. The sleeves of my Gamestorm hoodie are frayed as hell, and while I could probably fix that, it's also getting sort of thin, because I wear it constantly.

So, I'm standing there contemplating the hoodies, when some big dumb redneck son of a bitch with an SS tattoo that says "Proud to be a Dirty White Boy" (secret Foreigner fan?) comes up and buys some Motorhead stuff. I say to Ogre, "Eh, it's too expensive, I'll find another hoodie." And we go into the grown up section to drink and watch the show.

In the crowd I see a few of Bear's (this guy who was a White Power Skin before he got clean) old crew mixing with the crowd. And I think, "Great, why do mouth breathing doucheheads have to like my music?"

So, I've talked myself out of the hoodie. We watch the last song of the opening band, who could have been LIM-O-SINE! (Homestar Runner reference for the win), and watch Clutch who rock harder than hell, like always (Clutch crowds never piss me off. I have never had anyone behave like a douche or seen a white power tattoo at a Clutch show.), and then while the everyone else runs outside to smoke, I get to stand there and listening to screechy drunk chick shriek at, and then about, her date, because I am an obnoxious drunk magnet. I text Ogre he should get inside before I punch this woman on general principle. My night has definitely taken a turn for the douche.

They get back inside, I get another drink. And then Motorhead hits the stage.

All the bullshit vanished. With the power of rock.

I am not even kidding. I grabbed Ogre and yelled, "Fuck those white power mother fuckers, I want that hoodie!" And ran and got it.

Motorhead totally reminded me why I love metal in spite of the bulk of its fans. Seriously, I teared up at their performance like only seeing Bowie for the first time has ever made me tear up. Because I am a big weepy girl. I rocked out (headbanging included, which is why I needed ibuprofen this morning, well, that the screwdrivers and the cheap American beer an old friend gave me) through the whole show. There was much drunken tweeting, including the tweet "Ace of mother fucking Spades!!!!!!!"

They didn't play for long, but I don't feel cheated in the least. I mean, Lemmy's older than my folks, and he's still a fucking powerhouse on stage.

There were people there saying this was his retirement tour, but I doubt he'll stop. You don't get to the point of touring at 65 and just stop. I bet it'll be like the Ramones, who we saw three times on their "retirement tour."

So, yeah, I got my Motorhead hoodie. I will be wearing it proudly.


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